How to return the goods after placing an order?

You can directly contact the sales representative for consultation, or send an email to service@optko.com.

Who pays for the return shipping cost?

Quality and compatibility issues belong to the company's responsibility, and the merchant bears the freight; if the customer returns the product due to his own reasons, the buyer bears the freight. Please pay attention to exchange or refund, the buyer should return the goods first, and then we will refund or exchange the goods.

What if the received product does not match the order?

1) If the product you received is damaged or does not match the order, please contact our sales representative within 7 days after signing, we may need to check the following information:
1. Picture information of the package / box
2. Picture information of the package
3. Picture information of damaged / missed products
2) About refund time
The refund will be returned to the original payment path within 3-10 working days after receiving the return;
3) If the replacement conditions are met, only the faulty part will be replaced, and other normal parts will not be replaced;
4) If you need to return / replace the product, please contact the sales representative or customer service staff to perform the return / replacement operation under their guidance.

No refund / replacement in the following cases

Clearly state the goods that do not support return / exchange during the transaction;
Used products will not be returned (except for quality problems);
Unauthorized maintenance, alteration, collision, misuse, abuse, liquid infusion, improper installation, and product quality problems caused by failure to use and operate in accordance with the instructions;
Torn, altered labels, machine serial numbers, waterproof marks, orientation marks, etc .;
The returned goods are incomplete, the original packaging, accessories, gifts, instruction manuals are incomplete, or the appearance is damaged due to artificial reasons;
Cannot provide legal purchase vouchers or documents, or forge or alter the documents when returning the goods;
Other situations where returns / exchanges should not be handled according to law.